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Membership Has its’ Rewards!

Okay, this is really easy. Do you like to look and feel youthful, maintain a consistent facial health program throughout the year, and save money while doing it? We thought so. Lone Tree Facial has just updated our very popular and successful VIP Membership. Because we value our clients, this is your chance to purchase cosmetic products and services designed to meet your facial health needs at reduced prices. Oh yes we did!

Purchase a One Year VIP Membership for $699 and receive:

  • 12 Advanced Face and Neck Peels
  • $10 per unit Botox™
  • 10% off Cosmetic Products
  • 10% off Facial Resurfacing
  • 10% off Facial Fillers
  • 10% off Cosmetic Surgery 


Call our office or contact us for any questions you might have about this fantastic offer.

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