Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Refinements in the shape of the nose can create a significant difference in appearance. For some patients the need for rhinoplasty results from an injury or breathing problems. For others, it is simply a matter of appearance. Rhinoplasty provides patients with results that are both natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

Interestingly, rhinoplasty can help people appear more youthful. One study comparing face lift, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty showed that reshaping the nose, as perceived by outside observers, gave patients the most youthful appearance.

Rhinoplasty can include reshaping of the bone and cartilage along the top of the nose, refinement of the nasal tip, refining the width of nasal tissue, correction of fractures and correction of internal defects that affect breathing. Surgery is performed in our surgical suite under monitored anesthesia.

After rhinoplasty most patients will experience swelling, nasal congestion and bruising for approximately 7 to 14 days. A cast on the outside of the patient’s nose and external sutures are removed after the first week. Most patients can resume normal activity two weeks after surgery.


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