Dr. Zamora and his team of facial procedure experts are skilled in handling all types of FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) cases. FAMI is different from a traditional fat transfer, also called autologus fat transplantation, which has been around for a couple decades. Though the idea has stayed the same, the techniques and processes have changed dramatically. FAMI brings a new way of thinking to the fat transfer procedure. It begins to take in account the patient’s facial vascular paths, and as a result, patient can now see more consistency in the final outcome.

A FAMI injection can be both functional and cosmetic. Dr. Zamora works to refill areas of the face and body that have lost fat of the facial muscles due to injury, age and shrinkage. By restoring volume to muscles, augmenting forehead, eyebrow, cheeks, mouth, and chin, Dr. Zamora helps to provide the more youthful look of a fuller face. FAMI can last years depending on diet and lifestyle.

Dr Zamora treats each patient individually and recommends each procedure based on your personal cosmetic goals. Although some patients may benefit from a face-lift procedure, Dr. Zamora may recommend a FAMI procedure instead to postpone or even take the place of more invasive surgery.

Preparation Information

Dr. Zamora will address all of your concerns ahead of time and discuss what your desired results are. He will also explain his techniques and anesthesia options.

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Zamora recommends you discontinue the use of products containing aspirin, garlic, ginseng, green tea and vitamin E for two weeks, as they may increase the risk of bruising.

Procedure Information

Dr. Zamora and expert his team can perform your FAMI procedure very simply as an outpatient procedure. It is performed by removing fat from the most diet resistant areas of the body – generally either your abdomen or legs. Dr. Zamora then processes the and re-injects it in to facial muscles utilizing specially made instruments. These instruments allow Dr. Zamora not to have to use sutures. With the understanding that 30% of the fat cells injected into the body will diminish and 70% will be the long lasting result, it is a great alternative to man made fillers.

Post Treatment Information

Dr. Zamora or someone from his team will check in with you after your procedure. It is normal for your face to feel a bit tight or sore after the procedure. Minor discomfort can be treated with over the counter Tylenol. However, if your pain is unbearable, please call our office immediately.

Initial swelling and bruising can take one to two weeks to resolve, but at least several months are needed until the final result becomes stable. Bruising varies from person to person; it reaches its peak during the first week. Post-operative drainage may occur from fat removal site following surgery for 24-48 hours. The amount of drainage will vary with the individual, but excessive drainage during the first several hours is to be expected.

Dr. Zamora recommends that you Do NOT apply heat or ice to surgical areas. This may cause damage to the stem cells that have been injected and will reduce the amount of fat that will remain post-operatively.


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