Facial Implants

The changes that occur after chin and cheek reshaping are usually subtle and help to restore an attractive balance to the face. The contours of the chin and cheek areas may be enhanced and refined according to the patients’ needs and wants.

Chin and cheek reshaping is most often accomplished with the use of implants to build up the desired areas. The implants are made of safe materials that are nontoxic and that are not rejected by the body. The surgery is completed in our surgical suite under monitored anesthesia, alone or in conjunction with other procedures. Delicate incisions are made in areas where they will not be easily visible, and the implants are placed next to the bony structure of the face, they may remain in place permanently.

Some patients have bruising after this type of surgery. Patients need to rest for one to two days after surgery and need to modify their activities for about two weeks.


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